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Wonderfruit: How the human story shapes life's most precious natural resources

Dr. Nathan Walworth (PhD) is co-founder of Ocean SOS and a marine climate scientist and futurist based in Los Angeles whose research lies at the intersection of global change, exponential technologies, behavioral change, and the marine microbiome. He is also co-founder of CôVALENCE where him and his team of scientists, designers, and storytellers are working to help shift the human story by embedding regenerative lifestyle practices within cultural narratives. After researching climate change from the Tropics to Antarctica, Dr. Walworth determined that the causes of environmental degradation are the product of human decision-making on a global scale. Humans decision-making is driven by emotion from their own narratives built from cultural storytelling. Since the growing human population is outpacing the current use of natural resources, then the way humans make decisions will dictate the planet's destiny. These decisions will depend on how our cultures evolves together. No matter how much green technology is invented to try and clean what our decisions have done to the planet, we can never change the current course of the planet if we don't first change ourselves. Our environment is a reflection of us.