As much of my community knows, I love creating and designing space. Iā€™m a bit obsessed about the effects of your immediate surroundings on your consciousness and perspective. For that reason, I love collaborations in spatial curation where the senses are engaged and both the conscious and subconscious align. In other words, I believe concepts and perspectives are most openly received in immersive and inspiring environments that open the heart and tame preconception.

Depending on my degrees of freedom, I enjoy curating content discussions that form bridges between seemingly disparate topics such as the intersection between evolutionary biology, quantum computing, and ethical fashion. If you would like to explore the creation of a disruptive conversation that aid the formation of new mental pathways. Please inquire below :)

I have curated content as a part of large events, gatherings, and summits and have also curated and produced my own domestic and international events and salons. Topics have ranged from space commercialization, ocean and earth sciences, biotechnology, exponential technologies, genomics, collective consciousness, behavioral science, regenerative finance, blockchain, governance, among others. See full list below. 





Co-produced OceanSOS Summit // Manado City, Indonesia
        Blended Funding Models // Coral Reefs // Blockchain
        Fisheries // Autonomous Technologies // Data Science
        Waste Management // Behavioral Change // Maritime Governance
        Regenerative Culture // Circular Economy // Marine Protected Areas
        Ecosystem Service Pricing // Sea Level Rise // Cultural Impacts

Co-produced OceanSOS Summit // San Francisco, California, USA
        Restorative Ocean Economies // 3-D Vertical Ocean Farming // California's Kelp Forest Ecosystem
        Permitting & Regulations for California Coastal Initiatives // Solutions to Abalone & Kelp Die-Off
        Regenerative Culture // Circular Economy // Science + Business Partnerships

Co-produced NEXUS Futurism Lab Salon // Los Angeles, California, USA
        Artificial Intelligence x Ethics

Co-produced Summit Series @ Lightning in a Bottle // Bradley, California, USA
        The Future of Space Exploration and Living
        Drawdown to Buckminster Fuller: How to Reverse Climate Change
        Bridgebuilding Movements: Presenters Networking Session
        The Future of Regenerative Culture and Artrepreneurish
        Neuroanthropology and the Environment
        Ethics of "Artificial Intelligence"

Co-produced Futurism Summit Content, NEXUS Global Summit // United Nations, USA
        Artificial Intelligence x Ethics

Co-produced Ocean Content, NEXUS Asia Summit // Bali, Indonesia
        The State of the Oceans

Co-hosted Quantum Computing Session NEXUS USA Summit // US Institute of Peace
        Quantum Computing


Co-produced NEXUS Futurism Lab Salon // Los Angeles, California, USA
        Virtual/Augmented Reality for Impact

Co-produced NEXUS Futurism Lab Salon, Los Angeles, USA
        The Intersection of Climate, Space, and Culture